WoodOX Sling Named "Best Multipurpose Firewood Carrier" for 2nd Year i

The WoodOX Sling is Now the Back-2-Back "Best Multipurpose Carrier" of the Year for 2021 and 2022, according to Popular Mechanics. 

From PM, "If you regularly carry firewood from an outdoor to your fireplace, firepit, or wood stove, you’ll probably benefit from a dedicated log carrier. These products allow you to comfortably and safely transport large quantities of wood while protecting your clothing from sharp and dirty logs. Plus, by preventing all that dirt and debris from ending up inside your home, you won’t have to break out the broom or vacuum every time you want to get a fire going Most of these log carriers are also relatively easy to fold up and store away, or hang up by the door when you’re not using them."

About the WoodOX Sling:

"The unique design of this carrier features a cross-body strap and large arm “sling,” allowing you evenly distribute the weight of the bag across your entire body—instead of just one hand. This also makes it easy to keep the carrier elevated and unload it one-handed, so you never even have to put it on the ground inside your home."

"Its open-ended shape is convenient for tossing in oversized branches and logs, and it can easily support 30 to 35 pounds of wood per trip. The built-in flashlight is also a perk we’ve not seen on any other carrier models."


Read the full article and decide for yourself here

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