Forestry MultiTool combines a log hauler, cant hook, and timberjack

Verified Reviews from LogOX Customers

  • This piece of kit is a game changer. Wish I had picked one up years ago. Overbuilt of rugged top quality parts. Simple. Easy to master. The log ox is as essential to me as gas and bar oil when I am cutting firewood. 

    Dan P.
    Verified Buyer

  • Tool is very well made. Definitely professional grade. My Dad and I both have back problems and have had prior surgeries. The LogOX definitely takes a lot of the strain off of our backs, eliminating a lot of bending. Wish I had one a long time ago.  

    Larry L.
    Verified Buyer

  • First of all, an excellent, hassle free buying experience, the goods being delivered in no time at all considering the fact that there’s the small matter of the Atlantic Ocean to take into consideration. Secondly, this device is an absolute spine-saver, I no longer have to get down on my hunkers to lift wet and slimy logs that I should have split in the Autumn when I had the chance but not the spinal enthusiasm. Now I simply LogOX ‘em, whack ‘em onto me log splitter and wallop! job done and no more malcontent vertebrae not sciatic sarcasm. Next best thing is this doofur for getting yer log to stand up for easy chainsawing. 

    Dave R.
    Verified Buyer

  • Prior to using this, I would have to bend to pick up logs, burning extra energy. Now, work stamina is better, allowing for more cutting, splitting and stacking. I also appreciate the lumberjack to hoist logs up for less frequent chain sharpening. This is a great productivity booster. 

    John V.
    Verified Buyer

  • I was actually surprised at how easy it was to use the LogOX. After bucking up the limbs of three trees, I used the LogOX to pick up and stage the smaller rounds for splitting. Absolutely no bending over! I have bad hips and back so this allowed me to keep working longer. 

    Randy C.
    Verified Buyer

  • Item works even better than I imagined. THIS IS NOT A HOKIE PRODUCT!! You can roll huge diameter logs with the cant hook and handle. This is a must have for the wood cutting kit.  

    Adam R.
    Verified Buyer

  • I am typically logging where I can't get a vehicle right to the felled tree, only manpower at my disposal. The LogOX timberjack attachment made the job of bucking the felled sections easier, while the LogOX pickaroon attachment made skidding bucked rounds to the vehicle a much simpler task. When at the truck the original LogOX hauler made simple work of getting those rounds lifted up and into the bed of the truck.
    I wish I had the LogOX years ago. It would saved a few trips to the chiropractor!

    Elizabeth M. Bride
    Amazon Review

  • "The LogOX is a great example of Yankee ingenuity solving the problem of sore backs for us aging do it yourselfers who insist on sawing, hacking, and splitting our own wood rather than overpay someone else to do it. Got a lot of leverage and could work twice as long with this baby. Looks like it will last not only my lifetime but my son's as well. A Winner!"

    Lawrence Zupan
    Amazon Review

  • The volunteers of the Waldo County Woodshed (in Maine) use the LogOX every time we have a work party. It saves a lot of backaches. Thanks for a great tool! The LogOX has become a favorite tool for our volunteers! What did we do without it?

    -Director, Waldo County Woodshed (volunteer wood bank)

    Coleen Marsh

  • "I purchased the LogOX for my boyfriend, who cuts all of our firewood for the year. He found it quicker and easier than bending over to pick up each log for the splitter. It is easy to use and cuts down significantly on time spent cutting wood, a huge plus when wood is your only source of heat! The attachment for turning logs while cutting into pieces is also a huge plus. Keeps the chainsaw off the ground, roots, rocks, etc. and once again speeds up the process. Everyone who has seen it in use wants one of their own! A must have for anyone cutting wood! I would highly recommend the LogOX for any woodsman!"

    Karyn Schumacher
    Amazon Review

  •  It is great for getting those rounds too large for a pickaroon to lift off of the ground. The tool is built very stout (in USA!!) and works very well. Your back will thank you for buying this tool.

    Ranger S.
    Verified Buyer

  • "It works excellent for getting firewood rounds to the splitter and it's great next to the sawmill for turning smaller logs and cants...The LogOx picks up heavy ass firewood rounds with ease and saves your back from having to bend over to pick them up! The wooden handle on this thing is great! Pretty awesome little tool!!!"

    -Owner, Knotthead Custom Sawing and Fab Worx

    Charles DeGreek

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