• "It works excellent for getting firewood rounds to the splitter and it's great next to the sawmill for turning smaller logs and cants...The LogOx picks up heavy ass firewood rounds with ease and saves your back from having to bend over to pick them up! The wooden handle on this thing is great! Pretty awesome little tool!!!"

    -Owner, Knotthead Custom Sawing and Fab Worx

    Charles DeGreek

  • "The Log Ox is a great example of Yankee ingenuity solving the problem of sore backs for us aging do it yourselfers who insist on sawing, hacking, and splitting our own wood rather than overpay someone else to do it. Got a lot of leverage and could work twice as long with this baby. Looks like it will last not only my lifetime but my son's as well. A Winner!"

    Lawrence Zupan
    Amazon Review

  • "I purchased the LogOX for my boyfriend, who cuts all of our firewood for the year. He found it quicker and easier than bending over to pick up each log for the splitter. It is easy to use and cuts down significantly on time spent cutting wood, a huge plus when wood is your only source of heat! The attachment for turning logs while cutting into pieces is also a huge plus. Keeps the chainsaw off the ground, roots, rocks, etc. and once again speeds up the process. Everyone who has seen it in use wants one of their own! A must have for anyone cutting wood! I would highly recommend the LogOX for any woodsman!"

    Karyn Schumacher
    Amazon Review

Tree Care Industry Association Expo

Tree Care Industry Association Expo

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  • Stay Tuned... new LogOX accessories and American made forestry tools coming soon.

LogOX Fun with Boomerang...

LogOX Fun with Boomerang...

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