GenOX Bushcraft Knife Passes the Gauntlet with Flying

"The knife and accessories provide a beautiful, well-crafted, highly-durable tool set for wood harvesting, hunting, camping, survival and other field use." -Thomas Christianson "" Editor

One of our favorite collaborations over the years has been with L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives on the custom made GenOX Genesis Bushcraft Knife.

The Genesis had long been our go-to outdoor knife, before we were even a company, and we're honored to work with LT and his team of talented craftsmen on putting our own LogOX twist on one.

Recently, survival expert Thomas Christianson, an editor at Survival Blog, took one to test, put it through its paces, and wrote an excellent overview of his experience.

From the article:

I attached the knife to the belt of my work pants and used it during a month of outside work. I used it to slash back brush along the driveway. I used it to cut paracord for hanging objects in the pole barn or for securing a tarp to the top of a completed wood stack. I used the knife to baton firewood. I used it to hack off small branches that I had missed with the chainsaw while bucking firewood. I used the back of the blade to pry things open. I used the knife for a host of other similar tasks.

I used it on bright autumn days with a crisp bed of leaves underfoot. I used it when driving rain reduced the carpet of leaves into a sodden mass, like bran flakes that have been too long forgotten in a bowl of milk. I used it when the leaves were covered with a thick carpet of snow. The knife worked well under a wide variety of conditions...

The LogOX A2 GenOX Bushcraft Knife is a razor-sharp, beautiful, durable, hand-crafted knife that should serve well in a host of outdoor tasks. It is not cheap, with a price at the time of this writing of $287 at That price compares favorably with similar, high-quality, American-made knives. If you can afford a knife of this quality, then this one would be an excellent choice.

Read the rest of the article here. Order yours today here.


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