LogOX Product Review Videos

See what others are saying about using their LogOX!

We've been incredibly excited and humbled to hear from so many folks what a big difference the LogOX has made for them! Combining a back-saving Log Hauler, Cant Hook, and Timberjack into one compact MultiTool is a real game changer! Here are some of the great LogOX review videos on YouTube (including one of our own).

1. Life In Farmland (over 600,000 views) 8:28 min

2. Off Grid With Doug and Stacy (Over 62,000 Views) 15:15 min

 3. Tarus Kul (a.ka. The Crazy Russian Hacker) (85,000 views) 11:52 min

4. Swedish Homestead (32,000 views) 13:38 Min


5. Stoney Ridge Farmer (14,000 views) 8:04

6. Alderman Farms (Part 1) 7:43 min

 7. Alderman Farms (Part 2) 6:53 min

8. Deadwood Revival Sawmill review. 1:18 min

9. Our HodgePodge Homestead (2:06)

10. LogOX Co-Founder Austin Roberts demonstrating the LogOX on Grit Magazine's Live Show (2017). 4:43 min

We really appreciate it when folks take the time to make videos and leave their reviews. If you make one of your own, please send us a link, and we may feature it on our page and social media.