April 2020 Tree Care Industry Association Magazine's LogOX Review

The LogOX Forester Package: A Professional Arborist's Best Friend

The LogOX Forester Package was selected by the TCIA Board of Directors to be featured in the prestigious "Unboxing Ring" alongside other leading industry products, at the 2019 Tree Care Industry Expo in Pittsburg, PA. Demonstrating the LogOX was professional arborist and LogOX owner Hans Tielmann III, CTSP of Pine Valley Tree Service in Mendham, NJ (@thebadhans). 

When it comes to a day in the life of tree care professionals like Hans, there are seldom "usual days." While a plethora of large power equipment and cranes exist on the market to assist arborists and vegetation management professionals with removing downed trees, according to Hans, based on the working environment, using that equipment isn't always an option.

Tight urban areas and residential workspaces sometimes only allow room for a tree crew to use their chainsaws, hand tools/carts, and brute force to buck up and remove logs and branches by hand. Additionally, after big storms just getting to the job site can be a challenge, with downed trees blocking the road. Those kinds of scenarios are where having a LogOX really comes in handy. As Hans mentions in the video, he keeps his LogOX Forester Package, which fits snugly inside the portable CarryOX bag, inside his truck cab at all times. As he notes in the video, "This thing is a powerful leverage tool that you can always have with you, it takes up very little room."

Already popular with homeowners and "Firewood Hoarders" alike since coming to market in 2016, the LogOX has been rapidly growing its professional reputation as an indispensable multitool amongst independent arborists and large nationwide vegetation management companies alike, who are outfitting more and more of their crews with the compact LogOX in order to, "save backs, bars, and chains" as one Regional VP put it recently. 

Check out the in TCIA Magazine article here.

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