FIVE New Upgrades to Make the LogOX Even Better!

You've asked and we've listened

With the help of your feedback over the years, we’ve added 5 new upgrades to the 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool that greatly improve its utility and make the best forestry hand tool in the world even better.

We've created this quick video to demonstrate these upgrades, that are also summarized in the post below.

Starting with upgrade #1Hi visibility safety hook

The first upgrade to the Hauler is the powder coated Hi-Vis Orange Safety Hook. Compared to the previous black hook, this upgrade provides increased visual contrast between the hook and the log, which is especially important while bucking logs with the timberjack. We’ve had a number of people accidentally damage their hook by accidentally striking it with their chainsaw and this simple upgrade will help you to avoid that.

Upgrade #2LogOX upgrade #2 longer cant hook for more leverage

We’ve lengthened our cant handle extension to create an industry standard medium length cant hook at 40” giving you more powerful log rolling leverage and a longer pickaroon when combined with the PickOX attachment.

During this upgrade project, we had two non-negotiable requirements for our engineers in the R&D phase. First, the LogOX had to stay as modular and portable as ever, meaning it must still be able to fit inside of its CarryOX Gear Bag. Secondly, we wouldn’t compromise the structural integrity of the Hauler or use any larger diameter material that would make the Hauler itself heavier.

We experimented with (beat the crap out of) several one and two piece handle prototypes at 60” and 48”. Unfortunately, what we found with both lengths is that the increased torque generated by the longer handle caused irreparable damage in the form of a permanent deflection in the body of the Hauler. Which is why we don’t recommend using any homemade "cheater bar" type extensions with the LogOX.

In testing we found that the 40” cant hook length provided a noticeable increase in leverage while rolling large logs, and met both of our design requirements.

Gord from "GP Outdoors" shares his thoughts on the upgrades

Upgrade #3BigFoot timberjack upgrade for more stability while cutting and dragging logs.

Upgrade number three was created with two main goals in mind, first build a more stable elevated platform for bucking log rounds with a chainsaw that’s less prone to sinking into soft ground. Secondly design it in a way that makes dragging logs with it easier, even over rough and uneven ground.

The easiest thing would have been to just increase the diameter of the bottom tubing a bit and call it a day. But instead we went back to the drawing board and created an entirely new patent-pending timberjack attachment called the “BigFoot Timberjack” with a flat skid plate style design, yielding 3.5X more ground contact than a standard timberjack. This makes it much more stable while cutting and performs better on soft ground.

In general, a timberjack is most stable when the foot and handle are both in contact with the ground, which is why most timberjacks use a tubular foot base design, so that the touch point rotates with the tool. To achieve this, we've precisely angled ours to ensure that the skid plate sits perfectly flat when the handle is on the ground.

For our second goal, we've also turned the front edge of the skid plate upwards 45 degrees, similar to a ski tip, to make dragging logs over rough ground easier than before.

Upgrade #4Longer cross handle for a better grip on the LogOX Hauler

We’ve added a half inch to the length of our American hardwood EZ-Grip Hauler Cross Handle, to better accommodate larger hands and/or heavy work gloves.

The diameter is the same, but as you can see from the photo, the additional length can make holding the LogOX Hauler a lot more comfortable to grip and easier to hold onto.

For the best results, always hold your LogOX Hauler with your knuckles facing outward, as shown above.

Upgrade #5Swing lock connection pins for easier transition between LogOX configurations.

As seen with the PickOX Pickaroon Attachment:

PickOX with swing lock pin

The 5th and final upgrade to the LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool are the three included Swing-Lock Connection Pins, which make adding the cant handle extension, PickOX, and BigFoot Timberjack attachment to the Hauler much quicker and easier than the previous 2-part clevis and hairpins, which were harder to use, often lost, or even fell out when not properly inserted into the pin. 

As you can see from the second photo of the PickOX pickaroon attachment, the single piece Swing Lock connection pin is easily inserted into the piping and locks in place with the simple spring loaded clasp that wraps around it securely.

This upgrade alone is a big improvement to the LogOX design we know you’re going to love! 

We Thank you!

We sincerely appreciate all of the support, encouragement, and feedback we've received from our incredible Team LogOX customers over the past six years, whose recommendations went into this design upgrade.

As long as LogOX is in business you can be assured of two things, we will make all of our products to the highest quality standards right here in America and we will never stop striving to bring useful new innovations to our customers in the forestry and firewood heating communities. 


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  • Robert W Phillips

    I started using the belt holder for the Log Ox and I have found it to be extremely useful and time saving.

  • Dave Lindahl

    Need these swing lock pins. Available from Logox?

  • Jeff Gordon

    Is it possible to buy just the swing-lock connection pins for the older log ox?

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