Gear Review from Survival Blog: GripOX Gloves and WoodOX Sling

Our thanks to Tom from SurvivalBlog for putting both the GripOX Gloves and WoodOX Sling ergonomic firewood carrier through their paces and sharing his thoughts about their performance with his readers.

Excerpt from testing the WoodOX Sling

"About a week later, we began to have some trouble with our outside wood boiler and needed to shut it down for some maintenance. While the outside boiler was shut down, we heated our home with the inside wood stove instead. This required carrying significant amounts of firewood into the house."

"My initial good impression of the sling was strongly reinforced. The WoodOX sling made carrying firewood into the house dramatically easier than carrying firewood with a traditional sling. The cross-body strap bears most of the weight of the wood, and holds that weight closer to one’s center of gravity than a traditional sling. The firewood is also held higher, at hip level, rather than down at knee level where it bounces against the side of a leg with every step. I was very impressed."

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