The LogOX Visits Tupper Lake Woodsmen's Days

We teamed up with Matt, Brian and Luke of Automated Biomass Systems (ABS) to demo the LogOX at Woodsmen's Days in Tupper Lake, NY. Throughout the weekend, our 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool kept a ready supply of wood available for Matt to feed their AutoSplit log splitter, which attracted big crowds, every time he fired it up, sending the split wood speeding up the conveyor belt!

Next door, Brad, of Taylor Rental, graciously supplied us with shelter during the frequent rainstorms and even saved a very grateful dog, who had run off from his family's campsite. Through his diligence, Brad was able to reunite the dog with some very relieved owners. The Philly cheesesteaks across the way were great and we found out that they had supplied Rolling Thunder, the annual Veteran bike ride to DC, with their meals this year.

We attended the weekend-long Tupper Lake Woodsmen's Days to support our partners, ABS, and also to be a part the festival's rich history, dating back to the 1930s. Tupper Lake has been celebrating the region's storied heritage of logging and lumberjacking for decades.  Lynne is very proud of her own family heritage, which goes way back to the Maine lumberjacks, who helped navigate massive logs down the icy Penobscot River. 

Presented by the Tupper Lake Woodsmen's Association, the Annual Woodmen's Days has something for everyone: The Gala Parade, The Night Games (including Tug-of-War and the infamous Greased Pole Climb), heavy equipment demonstrations and competitions (Brian joined in on the skidder competitions), chainsaw carving competitions, lumberjack shows, children's activities and much more.

We had a great reception for the LogOX from the folks at the festival and we look forward to going back again next year! 

See you in the woods,


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