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Welcome back to another BlogOX feature, everyone! For this blog, we decided to dive into one of the most fundamental elements of forestry, firewood, and tree service as a whole; Safety. So who better to talk to than Hans Tielmann, a licensed tree expert with over 20 years of professional experience and an awe-inspiring list of personal credentials, including but not limited to: 

(CTSP) Certified Tree Care Safety Professional

(TCIA) Tree Care Industry Association accredited trainer and ISA member, 

(NCCER) Craft Instructor/ Mobile Crane Operator/ Practical Examiner and Proctor/ Subject Matter Expert

Petzl Technical Partner 

Petzl PPE Competency Person

Petzl PPE Competency Instructor

LTE- Licensed Tree Expert #670/ Professional Witness

Not to mention the owner of NJ Crane Expert and much, much more.



The History Behind Twenty Plus Years of Forestry

I'm sure you're wondering where this much passion, knowledge, and expertise comes from, and we were in the same boat, so first, let's dive into the origin story.

Hans is a former tree service owner. He worked with his family for many years as an arborist in a commercial/residential environment. He has also done storm response work, taking trees off of houses, and assisting in emergency efforts using cranes and various types of equipment. 

While he is still involved in a tree service with his family, he has shifted his focus into his primary business which is NJ Crane Expert, the only full-time tree training facility on the east coast! They have an unrivaled passion for protocol and are completely dedicated to providing their students with an unparalleled training experience.

"It's a little bit different now because I do more consulting and expert witnessing when it comes to customers having to go to court. Then I also have a training business that primarily focuses on crane operators in the agricultural field using cranes to take trees apart."

-Hans Tielmann, NJ Crane Experts



Creating a Unique Educational Experience for Tree Service Providers


While Hans currently focuses on his crane education courses as the primary service, his company also does other types of training in the arboricultural field. The training he provides includes chainsaw proficiency programs, bucket truck training, aerial rescue, debris management training, first aid, CPR, and virtually anything related to competency in the tree service field.

"So we went from doing your typical client services to more of a business-to-business approach with the goal being to help tree care services be better at the work that they're doing."

-Hans Tielmann, NJ Crane Experts

Hans found a pretty big hole in certain areas of how the industry was delivering information to the students. Having the experience himself, Hans knew that often tree-people like to learn things a little bit differently than in your typical classroom environment. 


Years of Curriculum Building 


So he took all of the things that he learned over the years and put together curriculums that he knew would optimize engagement and learning with a stimulating environment. Hans had an advantage because when he was doing production tree work, he took a lot of time to invest in himself and his knowledge base. He constantly took classes, traveled, and listened to people speak about his industry.

"I took all those experiences over the years and made them into my own unique product. That's the approach that I take in teaching people who attend my classes."

-Hans Tielmann, NJ Crane Experts

Forestry is as much about having the right tools as it is about having the proper knowledge to use them. As an example, at the TCI EXPO in 2019, Hans provided an assessment of the LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool and Forester Package for attendees in their famous “Unboxing Ring” product review event. One central point he hit on are the benefits of always having portable multi use tools with you to assist in unexpected situations. A perspective derived from his years of experience and expertise, and one that can only be gained by either learning from him directly or having that many years of unique encounters in the industry. 


Insights From an Industry Veteran

Daily, Hans is invested in improving the quality of life and efficacy of business for those in this industry. From tree care to log management and removal, and even personal interest in firewood, having switched to wood-based heating, he is an excellent resource. He is an excellent hub of information about arborist equipment, quality tools, and safety, and he helps arborists do what they do the best way possible.

"I've been around the business my entire life. I grew up in it. I understand the struggles of having a small-scale tree service business, and when it comes to being competitive, you always want to set yourself apart. 

The best way to do that is to use your brain. Stay current with the regulations and the rules, the best tools, and the newest approaches to the work that we're doing. That is always going to be more of an advantage than offering a lower price or a discount on your products and services."

-Hans Tielmann, NJ Crane Experts


The Importance of Quality Tools


Hans talks a bit about the importance of quality tools and knowing what advantages specific tools can give you. When it comes to the LogOX, Hans notes that it's an excellent tool for your weekend warrior, a homeowner who wants to split their own wood, and it's also great for anybody working professionally in the forestry industry. 

"It's great for people that are in tree care in general. Having something available that is easy and compact, can be put together when you need it, tucked under your seat when you're not using it, and very versatile is a game-changer."

-Hans Tielmann, NJ Crane Experts


When Hans came across the LogOX, he thought it was a great option if you need to maneuver and have leverage. Being able to make cuts without worrying about putting your saw in the dirt is a fantastic benefit to have. Since Hans started using the LogOX around 2016, he still has his original purchase and since then has also bought two additional LogOX Forester Packages. He even gave one to his neighbor!


"The third one I actually gave to my neighbor because he's been doing a lot of firewood work. So I was like, ‘I’ve got the best tool for you,’ and he loves it too."

-Hans Tielmann, NJ Crane Experts



The LogOX from the Perspective of a Tree Services Expert 


In 2016 Hans saw a couple of videos of Austin and his dad using the LogOX in a backwoods environment, where you typically wouldn't be able to get heavier equipment. They were able to take down a tree and process it without heavy-duty machinery, and Hans saw a tremendous amount of value in that. 

"The LogOX is one of my favorite hand tools that are out there on the market for managing material. It's not going to be as quick or aggressive as machinery like a mini skid steer or a crane but in terms of ergonomics and trying to reduce fatigue on the body when there is work that has to be managed by hand. It's perfect.

I always found that having a LogOX available is always very beneficial to the crew because they don't have to bend all the way over and strain their back to try and lift something that they probably could just drag with the LogOX. 

I also found that it was the perfect tool to have available, especially considering how well it folds up and packs into the storage bag. It's something you can keep in the cab of your truck for disaster situations where you need to get someplace, and if something is blocking the road, you could cut it, then use your LogOX to leverage that material. If you need to gain access to make an additional cut or drag something out of the way, it gives you that advantage in material processing in an emergency.

I always found it pretty convenient, and there are just so many different benefits of having it. So I always think that having a couple of them available for our crew was always very handy."

-Hans Tielmann, NJ Crane Experts


There are a lot of advantages to having a LogOX overall. But for anyone on the fence, just remember that with a lifetime warranty from LogOX, it doesn't have an expiration date and will last as long as they need it to. So whether you're going to use it next week or use it next year, it's ready to work when you are.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

It all comes back to the fundamentals of Hans's approach to the industry, teaching people to use their brains as an advantage for their business. Having extra certifications and training increases your value in your field and allows you to be more efficient. Expanding your knowledge base through classes like the ones offered by NJ Crane Experts exposes you to issues and roadblocks that are hard to anticipate without years of experience on the job. 

Not only that, but with Hans's training, you'll learn how to navigate and anticipate those issues and the right way to handle them with the best tools to conserve your energy and body in a physically demanding line of work.

This knowledge is a big part of why Hans is such a sought-after resource for teaching other arborists and tree service companies. Hans has this advice to offer for those thinking of getting into this industry or those who want to improve their efficiency.

"I would say number one, put in your time. Learn from somebody else. Don't try and do it on your own. There are a lot of enticing videos out there on YouTube that try and walk you through best practices, but nothing is ever going to be as good as working with somebody who actually knows what they're doing.

Invest in safety, don't just buy a hardhat from your general hardware store. Get something worthy for the industry you're working in, and get all the proper PPE. Also, exercise patience, and if you're going to be starting to cut, cut stuff small, and work your way up to the bigger stuff. Don't try and cut something that would be way too out of your control to manage. Work within your limits."

-Hans Tielmann, NJ Crane Experts


If you're interested in learning more and working with Hans, please click here.



We Hope You Enjoyed the BlogOX Feature!

Thank you so much to Hans for being an incredible resource to this industry, a next-level educator for arborists and tree services companies, and for taking the time to speak to us for this month's feature. If you have any questions or want to expand your knowledge base in the tree services industry, do not hesitate to visit NJ Crane Expert.


If you are a weekend warrior, seasoned tree service provider, sawyer, or anyone who works with trees who wants to improve their efficiency and reduce strain on your back and body during your forestry tasks, check out our Forester Package


Thank you all for reading, and we will see you next month with another awesome LogOX Customer Feature, be sure to give Hans a follow on Instagram too. We've got all the links below!

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Hans Tielmann: YouTube

LogOX Channel: YouTube

Hans & LogOX: TCIA Product Review | LogOX in Action



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