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“Clever tool design and bold entrepreneurship”

The Story of the American-Made LogOX...

As Co-Founders of LogOX, we sat down for an interview with one of the industrial design magazine Core77's senior editors, to discuss the origins of our family company, our design development process, and what drives us to continually innovate. Every company has a story to tell about its founding, and we appreciate Core77 taking an interest in telling ours so thoroughly.


"Starting a business is every bit as difficult as you hear it is, but the independence is worth every ounce of energy" -Jon Roberts

"In addition to correctly identifying user needs and getting the design right, you also have to nail the manufacturing, the marketing, the distribution network, the customer service. It takes design skills, patience, research, networking and a whole lot of hard work."

"Meet the Roberts family. They're three members of that tiny population. We think you can learn a lot by reading their product development story, and how they managed to launch a must-have tool in the outdoor products segment. Their story starts, as many invention stories do, with a disaster..." Read the full article from Core77 HERE.

Check out these innovative and American-Made Products from LogOX! 👇

The LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool

LogOX Hauler

Used to lift, move, and load logs onto a splitter without bending over, or as a 21” cant hook to roll logs.

Cant Hook

The cant handle extension turns the LogOX Hauler into a 38” cant hook and is designed to grip and roll logs between 7” - 32” in diameter.


Add the T-Bar attachment to the Hauler and use with the cant handle extension to create a sturdy timberjack. Perfect to lift and drag logs smaller diameter logs 2” - 12” in diameter, which keeps your chain from striking the ground while buckling log rounds.

WoodOX Sling - The Ultimate Firewood Carrier

Make the daily chore of bringing firewood indoors to your stove a lot faster, safer, and easier! The WoodOX Sling’s ergonomic design positions firewood securely under the user’s arm on either side, instead of dangling by their knees. This unique design evenly distributes the weight of the firewood across the upper body like a messenger bag, rather than carrying all of the weight off balance with one arm, like a typical firewood carrier bag. The WoodOX Sling makes it much easier to load and unload firewood while standing upright instead of bending over. This upward shift in the carrier's center of gravity causes far less strain on your body and poses less of a tripping hazard while you move than a "shopping bag" style regular firewood carrier.

This innovative design places the WoodOX Sling into a totally new category of firewood carrying devices by itself. Simply put, this breakthrough design renders all other firewood carrying bags and totes obsolete.

Patented in the US, EU, Canada, and Australia

ORDER INCLUDES: 1x WoodOX Sling w/ LED Flashlight (batteries included

LogOX Hearth Bin - The World’s First Adjustable Hearth Side Firewood Holder!

Unlike other fixed shape firewood holders, this unique hearthside firewood rack has two adjustable side wings. This patented design allows you to adjust its shape to fit horizontally up against the fireplace, even on hearths as narrow as 11 inches.

Both wings are completely removable, allowing it to be easily disassembled and stored away in its shipping box at the end of the season.

Capable of storing approximately two WoodOX Slings full of firewood, the Hearth Bin also has a convenient slot directly beneath it for storing your folded up WoodOX Sling or matches/kindling.

The LogOX Hearth Bin Firewood Rack is sure to be an attractive and convenient place to stage your firewood on long winter nights for years to come!

  • Product Dimensions:

    Hearth Bin Base:
    Length: 17.5"
    Width: 11.5"
    Height : 3.5"