About Us


For us, harvesting firewood in preparation for another harsh Vermont winter ahead is an annual family tradition, dating back to our lumberjack ancestors in New England. For 35 years, we’ve faithfully managed our 10-acre woodlot, thinning out weak, crowded, and dead trees to make way for healthy new growth. In the process, we’ve helped keep our family safe and warm.

 We’ve always enjoyed this yearly chore, as it provides us with a welcome chance to unplug, come together, and enjoy working in the great outdoors. But if necessity is the mother of invention, lower back pain is certainly its father. The strain that comes from constantly bending over to pick up stove length logs can become excruciating after just a few hours, not to mention the inherent danger of swinging a sharp pulp hook inches away from your shins.

 So after five years of R&D (obsessive tinkering) in the garage with numerous designs, we created and patented the innovative "hook and carry" LogOX Hauler, to save our backs, easily move stove length logs, and replace the antiquated pulp hook. Not only does the ergonomically designed LogOX Hauler eliminate the need for constant bending, but as quickly as you reach a log, you can engage, lift and walk away with it, saving you valuable time and energy.

With the LogOX Hauler as a solid base platform, we knew there had to be a way to amp up its versatility. After lugging a separate pulp hook, timberjack, and cant hook into the woods year after year, it only made sense to consolidate the three tools. With that in mind we decided to use quick release hitch pins, instead of typical hex screws, to integrate a full 38” cant hook extension and timberjack into the design. The Hauler’s unique handle makes this design the only cant hook/timberjack on the market today to provide an additional control point. This development process created the versatile 3-in-1 LogOX tool we sell today, with additional functions currently in development…

 LogOX LLC is a family-owned small business, which sells professional grade, exclusively American made products with tremendous pride. We’ve teamed up with Swisher Inc. a well-respected industry leader located in Warrensburg, MO as our manufacturing partner for the LogOX tool, to bring you the highest quality, precision machined, American steel products money can buy. We highly value your trust in us and seek to earn your business everyday. We back up our products with an ironclad, lifetime warrantee against manufacturer’s defect and a 30-Day 100% money-back guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied.

Hauling, splitting, and stacking firewood? Get an Ox, a LogOX!