Set of (3) LogOX Swing-Lock Connection Pins
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Set of (3) LogOX Swing-Lock Connection Pins

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  • Set of 3, compatible with all LogOX models.
  • Fastest and easiest LogOX connection system ever.
  • Bail swings down and locks in place for a secure hold.
  • One-piece design for ease of use.
  • Made of polished brass
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The Fastest and Easiest LogOX Connection System Ever!

Three Swing-Lock Connection Pins make adding the cant handle extension, PickOX pickaroon attachment, and BigFoot Timberjack attachment to the Hauler much quicker and easier than the previous 2-part clevis pin and hairpins, which were harder to use, often lost when separated, or even fell out when not properly inserted into the pin. 

As you can see from the third photo of the PickOX pickaroon attachment, the single piece Swing Lock connection pin is easily inserted into the piping and securely locks in place with the simple spring loaded clasp that wraps around it.

This is one of our favorite of the five upgrades we've made to the Forestry MultiTool, as it makes transitions between tools smoother, the connections more secure, and the tool easier to use overall.

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Set of (3) LogOX Swing-Lock Connection Pins Set of (3) LogOX Swing-Lock Connection Pins

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