LogOX Instructional Videos

This video was designed as a visual training manual for the LogOX and its accessories. In it we'll show you how to safely process a fallen tree, using just your LogOX and trusty chainsaw. Please watch this video first!

See what makes the LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool and its accessories the best forestry hand tool system in the world.

We love to hit the road and demonstrate the LogOX first hand. Here's a sample of a live demo.

The LogOX Hauler can do a lot more than just move log rounds. In this video Jon demonstrates some of its other handy uses.

You'll have to forgive the audio quality here, but in this video Jon gives some additional tips on how to safely use the LogOX as a timberjack to save your back, bar, and chain.

In this video Jon demonstrates how to set up your Hearth Bin and use it properly near your fireplace or stove.