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LogOX Instructional Videos

We've compiled a few of our favorite video tutorials for optimizing your LogOX.

For more videos like these, please visit our LogOX YouTube channel and social media @BigBlueLogOX

LogOX Forestry MultiTool Overview (2:28 min)

See what makes the LogOX the best forestry hand tool system in the world. 

The Definitive LogOX Overview Video (19:25)

This video has all of our best tips and tricks for using the LogOX. In it we'll show you how to safely process a fallen tree, using just your LogOX and trusty chainsaw. Please watch this video before using your LogOX!

LogOX Show Demonstration (6:10)

Advanced LogOX Hauler techniques (2:10 min)

 How to optimize your timberjack (1:20 min)


Trip down memory lane: LogOX Inventor Jon Roberts launching the LogOX at the 2016 Tree Care Industry Association Show (2:09 min)

    Other Handy Tips:

  • Ensure the hairpins are completely inserted through the designated hole in the clevis pins. Seating them only halfway through can cause the hairpin to dislodge during operation and fall out. 

  • After unpacking, permanently affix the black metal T-Bar to the orange timberjack housing unit attached to the Hauler, using the included nut and bolt. Remove entire timberjack attachment from the Hauler and set aside, or keep in your CarryOX bag, until you are ready to use the timberjack to lift logs.

  • Replacement clevis pins and PickOX tips can be purchased on our website in LogOX Accessories.