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LogOX Hauler Holster

The Essential Partner For Your LogOX Hauler. 

  • This custom designed holster is a must have accessory that works in tandem with your LogOX Hauler.  It enables you to quickly switch back and forth between using the Hauler to lift log rounds and operating a splitter or chipper without setting it back on the ground.

  • Made from heavy gauge steel with a rust resistant epoxy powder coating, and a sturdy professional grade American leather backing.

  • This leather-backed LogOX Hauler Holster is compatible with standard-width belts.

  • Made in the USA of American made components.

  • LogOX Hauler sold separately. 
  • International Shipping Now Available.


Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Un outils merveilleux je

Un outils merveilleux je recommande
Il est à tous les jours avec moi

Can’t function without one.

Well first off what a great company, full of great products! So last year I bought the hauler but no holster...figured I could get along fine without it. Well, was I wrong! I would hang it on the end of my splitter and although it worked Excellent for moving and lifting logs! Just imagine a cowboy from the ol west days carrying his Pistola in his saddlebag...not real handy when yah need it! Without the holster it was an extra step to retrieve it and then hang it back on the splitter. So this season I purchased the Belt and Holster. Both of very good quality and should last many, many years. Thanks for the great products LogOx!

hauler holster

my logOx is right there when i need it and just reach down like a carpenter reaching for his hammer, ready to work. you don't even notice it their, great design in efficiency.

Very Universal

Extremely high quality wood handling tool. You can do anything from rolling logs to carrying wood. And best of all it’s MADE IN THE USA.

great product...

Works great everything that has to do with moving timber....

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews Write a review

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