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Granberg Alaskan Mill Backcountry Bundle -30"

The Backcountry Bundle- 30”: G778-30 + G555B + G850 + G1012XT

Part # PB30

The Backcountry Bundle is perfect someone who owns a LogOX and a chainsaw with a 30 inch bar or less! Arborists, sawyers, chainsaw owners and woodworkers love this combo package.

What you'll get:

Portable Chainsaw Mill: 30” Alaskan MK-IV Mill (G778-30)

Vertical chainsaw Mill: Edging-Mill (G555B)

First Cut set up: Slabbing Rail Bracket Set (G850)  *must provide own 2×4’s

Top of the line Chainsaw Sharpener: Precision Grinder (G1012XT).


This bundle is everything you need to get started milling right away!

The Alaskan MK-IV Mill converts your chainsaw into a portable milling machine! A chainsaw with at least a 60cc size powerhead (or larger) is recommended. Slabs up to 26”. No previous experience required! Lightweight and portable, mill lumber where the tree falls. New CNC-machined billet end brackets for greater strength and accuracy.

The Edging Mill is a perfect partner to the Alaskan MK-IV Mill. You can edge and square larger logs without rolling the log.

 The Alaskan MK-IV Mill, used with the Edging Mill, allows you to make live edge slabs, beams, half rounds, dimensional boards and quarter sawn lumber.

 Made in USA 

Demensions: 37 x 14 x 6 in

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