WoodOX Sling

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WoodOX Sling - LogOX
WoodOX Sling - LogOX
WoodOX Sling - LogOX
WoodOX Sling
WoodOX Sling - LogOX
WoodOX Sling - LogOX
WoodOX Sling - LogOX
WoodOX Sling - LogOX
WoodOX Sling - LogOX

WoodOX Sling

You save: $-79.95 USD(100 %)

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WoodOX Sling- The Ultimate Firewood Carrier

Make the daily chore of bringing firewood indoors to your stove a lot faster, safer, and easier! The WoodOX Sling’s ergonomic design positions firewood securely under the user’s arm on either the left or right side of the body, instead of dangling by their knees. This unique design evenly distributes the weight of the firewood across the upper body like a messenger bag, rather than carrying all of the weight off balance with one arm, like a typical firewood carrier bag.

The WoodOX Sling makes it much easier to load and unload firewood while standing upright instead of bending over. This upward shift in the carrier's center of gravity causes far less strain on your body and poses less of a tripping hazard while you move than a "shopping bag" style regular firewood carrier.

This innovative design places the WoodOX Sling into a totally new category of firewood carrying devices by itself. Simply put, this breakthrough design renders all other firewood carrying bags and totes obsolete.

Sling (not including adjustable strap) Length: 38"  Width: 17" Height: 19"

Weight: 1.4 lbs

US, EU, Canada, and Australia Patented 


  • 1x WoodOX Sling w/ LED Flashlight (batteries included)

The WoodOX Sling is far more efficient than carrying firewood by hand, allows you to carry larger loads, and is significantly more ergonomic than traditional firewood carrying bags or “totes” (yes, even the $150 monogrammed ones). The WoodOX Sling's back-saving and strain-free design is a game-changer for anyone who heats with firewood.


    • One of a kind ergonomic cross-body design, invented and sold exclusively by LogOX.
    • Made of heavy-duty, 18oz forest green cotton canvas, with a genuine leather shoulder pad.
    • Large load carrying capacity easily fits various length logs while keeping loose debris off your arms and floor.
    • Lifetime guarantee against manufacturer's defect.
    • Replaceable LED flashlight to safely illuminate your path to and from the woodpile. 
    • Proudly hand-made in the USA by a US Veteran-Owned Small Business.
    • The WoodOX Sling fits well on standard-sized log racks and folds up easily to store and transport.
    • Natural cotton canvas, spot clean as needed.
    • Patented US, CAN, EU, AUS.

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Lifetime Warranty

This product has a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defect leading to breakage. Using this tool for applications other than its designed intent or making structural modifications to the tool itself will void this warranty. To report an issue, please contact us directly at customerservice@thelogox.com or at 1-877-MY-LOGOX (695-6469) Ext. 3

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Simple solution.

I should have bought one years ago! I have been hauling wood for 40 years and this is the BEST method. Opening the door with a full load is simple and painless. Great quality.

Back saver

Works as advertised. I myself need an extra towel around the neck area to keep it from rubbing.

Great for the back

I got as a Christmas present. I love it. But my suggestion is when you need a second hand, when sling is empty. The sling hangs down emptying sawdust on the floor. Magnets would hold it up to keep the mess to where you want it.

Great Product

My husband and I both use the LogOx. It is very versatile and makes the chore of hauling wood a lot easier and a lot more comfortable.


Got it for my father for one of his Christmas presents he likes it. I recommend it!