The Fireside Bundle

Two Fireplace Game Changers at One Great Price!

*New for 2019- Patent Pending*

We've combined the ergonomic WoodOX Sling and Hearth Bin Firewood Rack into this great package, to make heating with firewood more enjoyable.

Hearth Bin Firewood Rack:

Unlike other fixed shape firewood holders, this unique hearthside firewood rack has two adjustable side wings. This design allows you to adjust its shape to fit horizontally up against the fireplace, even on hearths as narrow as 11 inches.

Both wings are completely removable, allowing it to be easily disassembled and stored away in its shipping box at the end of the season.

Capable of storing approximately two WoodOX Slings full of firewood, the Hearth Bin also has a convenient slot directly beneath it for storing your folded up WoodOX Sling or matches/kindling.

The LogOX Hearth Bin Firewood Rack is sure to be an attractive and convenient place to stage your firewood on long winter nights for years to come!

  • Adjustable design to fit on hearths where most other firewood racks won't.

  • Perfect alongside large fireplaces or next to smaller stoves.

  • Designed in Vermont, rugged American powder coated steel construction, Made in USA.

  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defect.

  • US Patent Pending

WoodOX Sling:

The WoodOX Sling’s ergonomic design positions firewood securely under the user’s arm on either side, instead of dangling a shopping bag style tote by their knees.

This unique design evenly distributes the weight of the firewood across the upper body like a messenger bag, rather than carrying all of the weight off balance with one arm, like a typical firewood carrier bag. 

Includes attached replaceable LED flashlight, for better visibility and improved safety, while walking at night.

EU and Australia Patented, US and Canada Patent-Pending

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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