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PickOX Tip Replacement

Break Your Tip?

Accidental strikes on rocks or other hard objects can damage or break even tempered steel. That's why we designed our PickOX pickaroon attachment with a replaceable tip.

To Replace: easily remove the set screw, replace tip, add a little Loctite Blue 242 to the set screw, reset and you're back in business! 

  • Contains 1 pc Tempered steel PickOX replacement tip.

  • "Keyhole" tip design enables easy first strike engagement, solid lift/hold on firewood, and easy release.

  • PickOX sold separately 


Replacement Instructions:

  • Remove the 3/8” set screw from the PickOX. It is quite firm, but it will come out.

  • Remove broken tip base and discard.

  • Use Loctite 242 Blue thread locker. If you don't, then the screw will back out and you will loose the new replacement tip.

  • Place 3-4 drops of the 242 Loctite into the bottom of the tip barrel.

  •  Set the new Pick into the hole and rotate 2-3 times. Note that the flat section on the side of the pick is to be facing the set screw when done rotating. Just note the relationship of the flat section to small notch portion on the tip as you insert the tip into the barrel.

  •  Set the new set screw into the hex wrench and hold it vertical.

  • Add a drop of the 242 onto the end of the set screw and using the tip of the tube, wet it all around the screw so that at least half the screw has blue Loctite. Screw in and firmly tighten. The Loctite will prevent the screw from vibrating out.

  •  Wipe off the excess and let it set for at least 24 hours before using.

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