LogOX Shipping Status and Updates

Current Status:

LogOX and Swisher Products: No Delays

Granberg International Products: Still taking orders, delayed shipping until at least April 7th. 

Hud-Son Products: No Delays

Dear Friends,

From the day we started this family business, we've always sourced and manufactured 100% of our products, including the partner products we sell, in the USA. While other companies who had outsourced their manufacturing base to China have had significant supply disruptions over the past several months, we have thus far been able to continue serving our customers without delay.

However, with the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus from China around the globe, including cases in the US, the American marketplace has become increasingly impacted. We are committed to keeping our customers updated about any supply shortages or shipping delays that we or our retail partners may experience, in real time on this page.

Significant progress continues to be made each day in combating this hidden enemy though tireless efforts by our incredible doctors, nurses, and public health officials. We remain confident that as with other serious challenges our nation has overcome, through faith, solidarity with one another, and determination in the face of adversity, we will persevere and emerge even stronger as a nation. There's still a lot of work to be done out there, and we've got your back!

Stay Strong and Be Well,

-Team LogOX

 Current Status Updates:

LogOX and Swisher Brand products:

Currently both brands being sold on our website, including LT. Wright custom GenOX Knives, are in stock, continuing to be manufactured to meet the growing demand, and are not experiencing any significant delays in shipping at this time. 

Granberg International: 

We've been informed that the local department of public health has issued notice that all residents and businesses in Contra Costa County, CA (where Granberg is located) are subject to a “shelter in place” order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. They will be suspending all production and shipping operations effective 3/17/2020 through at least 4/7/2020. We will continue to take orders of Granberg products, but their fulfillment will be delayed until at least April 7th 2020 and possibly later. 

Other Retail Partners:

The LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool is in high demand as a #1 Best Seller in its categories on both Amazon and The Home Depot. It is also sold by over two dozen fine retailers in the US, Canada, and Europe. Currently we have not received updates from any of these retailers about suspending operations or delaying orders.



Recently Amazon announced that until further notice it will not be accepting shipments of certain products to its FBA warehouses from vendors to replace out of stock inventory, however they will continue to fulfill individual orders of these products, while they remain in stock, from FBA centers. This policy is in order to free up bandwidth for delivering critical medical, cleaning, and household supplies related to dealing with the COVID-19 virus through the Amazon supply chain. We fully support this decision and will keep our customers updated on any changes as they develop. 

We now offer free US Shipping on items over $75 from our website, making tools like the LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool LogOX Hauler, and WoodOX Sling the same price as they are for Amazon Prime members. For your convenience, our website also accepts Amazon Payments, along with PayPal Apple/Google Pay, all major credit cards, and financing options with Affirm.

Thanks for your patience, we will continue to update this page with any new developments.