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LogOX Forester Package

All of Your Favorite Forestry Hand Tools in One 28" Bag!

This bundle deal saves $10 on the best LogOX products in this complete package!

We've combined the best-selling LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool with our "PickOX" pickaroon attachment and key accessories, to bring you great value all in one total package.

The LogOX Forester Package includes:

o   The LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool: Combines the patented back and knee saving log round hauler, 38" cant hook, and timberjack log lifter into one compact forestry tool.

o   Hauler Holster: Fits on any standard work belt to provide the user with a convenient place to set the LogOX Hauler in between uses while operating machinery. 

o   PickOX Pickaroon Attachment: This addition to the LogOX lineup is small enough to fit in your pocket, but quickly turns your LogOX cant handle extension into a force multiplying pickaroon tool. 

o   CarryOX Carry Bag: Fit the LogOX and other gear you need for a day in the woods or sawmill lot into this carry bag, with 1,260 cubic inches of internal space, measures 28"L x 6"W x 7.5" H 

·       The LogOX Hauler was scientifically proven by a Fairfield University School of Engineering study, published in the October 2019 Journal of Innovative Ideas in Engineering and Technology (JIIET), to greatly reduce strain on the back, quadriceps, and biceps by up to 93%, 86% and 79% respectively. The full peer reviewed study can be found here.

The LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool was recognized by the Perdue University based non-profit organization AgrAbility, which provides services to agricultural workers with disabilities, as a tool to assist people with back, strength, and endurance physical limitations, and is currently featured on their Assistive Technology Database.

All Items Proudly Made In USA.

International Shipping Now Available. See shipping calculator at checkout for exact rates. Any additional country duties required not included in shipping price. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
great tool

On the first day, I removed two very large 18' long logs from my property. I lifted and propped up each one on the Log Ox and then used the chain saw to cut and remove them for firewood...could not have done it without the Log Ox, thank you, Edward, Edmonton, Ky

Wow amazing

I have been carrying/picking up wood, that I cut, out of the woods for a very long time. First time use I could definitely tell the ease on back and shoulders. I used all the tools and they all work great. Can't wait for a full season of cutting wood. The only problem I had was I didn't receive my free logox hat with my order. Thanks and I am glad I came across this product!

Jon Herbel

First Time using LogOX

Over the tools are well built and can take a beating. Changing out components isn't the smoothest operations. Clevis Pins are easily dropped and lost. Recommend taking spare parts.

LogOx Forester Package

I would like to say that I am pleased with this product. Everything that came with the package is built to take pretty much anything you throw at it. Love the fact that the Forester Package is made in AMERICA !! Don't see that much anymore and any time I can support our people with a sustainable living, I am going to jump on it !! There is nothing cheap about the way this product was built. Awesome product and anyone who works with cutting wood absolutely NEEDS this if they want to keep their back breaking down under stress. Thank you again for building such a great product !!

A great tool for those of us who work solo in the woods!

The LogOX has worked well so far. Being short in stature, it does require some practice to lift cut pieces high enough to clear other pieces on the ground, but very doable. The cant hook and timberjack work very well and save a lot of time by saving my chains. The pickaroon is awesome. The weight of the handle and head really create a secure grip in to a log or cut round.
The LogOX will definitely save this 67-year old back!

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews Write a review

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