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Swing-Arm Hitch Pin Timberjack Attachment Replacements (2 pack)

An Alternative for Connecting Your LogOX Timberjack Attachment.

In our initial LogOX design, we used these wire arm hitch pins for all three of our attachment connection points. Until we found that in rare cases, the wire arm could be damaged once pinched between the opened hook and the body of the Hauler, so we switched over to using clevis/hairpins.

While we still recommend you use the clevis pin to attach the cant handle extension, we're now offering these hitch pins for the LogOX timberjack attachment, which some people prefer to use. 

  • 2 hitch pins per package.
  • Designed for use with the timberjack or PickOX attachments.
  • Discontinue use and replace if arm becomes damaged. 

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